Online Games

What Makes Online Games Shine Bright on the Interent

The origins of the video game are inseparable from the machine. The first sales representatives (for example the computer arcade terminal in 1971) are, like the pinballs they rub shoulders in bars, single-use: we change the machine to change the game. One of the very first home consoles, the Home Pong (produced by Atari in 1975), the game is the machine, the machine is the game. In fact, the media manufacturers quickly dominated the market.

The Everlasting Influence

This influence is still found today indirectly through exclusive contracts that link the game to a medium or by the conditions imposed on content producers (the development studios) which organizes the market’s filigree. . Because the technical obsolescence makes disappear the contents with the supports allowing playing there, the video game is a product whose durability barely exceeds that of the technology which gives it life. However, the greatest successes of the video game are those that have made the most of these technical and economic constraints to offer unique playful experiences, which go beyond the fashion phenomena to anchor themselves durably in practices and memories, this aspect contributing to give its cultural form to the object. This is for example the case of Tetris, created in 1984, which has just exceeded 100 million paid downloads on mobile phone, while being far from models of visual outbidding. Better opportunities for greater games now are available through Run 3 unblocked.

A market shaped by the supports

The video game market is organized by media, alternately complementary and competitors: the game console, the computer game and the mobile game. Since the birth of the video game industry until the end of the 90s, the console was considered as a machine exclusively dedicated to the game.

  • The game console was the first to be offered to the general public at a time when computers were not yet personal and where the game was not separable from the machine. It traditionally offers a better synergy between the game and the controller because all players have a strictly identical system, which is impossible with the computer.
  • It is a real asset of development that allows exploiting all the resources of the machine since its capabilities are fixed and known, and that it has dedicated development tools. It should be noted, however, that the consoles tend to gradually establish themselves as multimedia entertainment centers, this since the advent of the PlayStation 2 Sony, who had placed the presence of a DVD player on his console as an argument of sale in addition to the playful offer.

For the developer, the strict quality control, operated by the consolidator on the games produced for its console, ensures image and visibility to the final product which also benefits from a park installed to accommodate it, that is to say a guaranteed and quantifiable market focused on the game These advantages, with the consequent financial cost to consolidate it, are compensated by the royalties paid to him by the publisher.