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5 Steps Towards a Better Gaming Experience on Your Smartphone

Mobile casino gaming is increasingly becoming popular, and a lot of players prefer this gaming platform due to its convenience.

However, not all players have this privileged, and especially if their smartphones are running on a slow processor. Always go for an online casino that your phone can easily support.

Below, we will look at some features that you need to consider before installing an online casino on your smartphone.

Look out for the RTP and House Edge

In online casino gaming, most players go for games that promise a higher playing value. This is because such games come with a higher profit margin. Different casinos offer different wagering conditions and payout rates.

For example, it is normal to find a lot of mobile slots having a much higher RTP as compared to puzzle games.

Additionally, mobile slots are much easier to play and win, which make them quite popular even among amateur players.

Purchase a Chromecast

If you are a player who prefers a game on a big screen, then mobile gaming may disappoint you. Mobile gaming does not have the capacity to offer massive screen displays as the one present on PC gaming.

Also, due to its small design, you can easily make a mistake by clicking on the wrong button. This is where a Chromecast comes in handy.

With the Chromecast help, you can be able to mirror the display that is on your smartphone. Additionally, you can also use a mouse to effectively control the game.

Once in a while, players may be lucky to come across a game that is supported by Chromecast.

Cut Down the Clutter

A lot of clutter will definitely slow or reduce the performance of electronic devices, including smartphones. To ensure a continuous flow while gaming, always have a clutter-free space on your smartphone. This will give you a better experience with zero lagging, which will create a better winning environment.

Less clutter means more space on the phone and ultimately better processing speed.

If you have an app that is lying idle on your smartphone, you can uninstall it to create more space. This also goes to videos and pictures that you are no longer interested in.

Make Use Octopus

If you are an online gamer, you may have come across some challenges while trying to link to external accessories. In some instances, a game can fail to connect to a keyboard.

With an ad-supported app like Octopus, you can be able to plug-in controllers, and even gamepads.

This app is able to detect both the keys and controls of modern online games. If you have other apps like PUBG, it is better to uninstall them first before installing Octopus. This is because they can block you from accessing your Octopus account.

Use Google Play Games

With Google Play Games, you will be able to track your progress from the various casinos that you have played on.  This feature regularly updates you with information on how you rank on the leader board.

Additionally, you can be able to check the trending games with the Google Play Games app. This is one of the most resourceful apps, and with it, you can get a lot of tutorials and tips on how to go about online games.

You do not need to download a game to try out this app, and you can play via the Instant Gameplay feature for Android. You can even edit your Gamer ID, as well as the display photo.

To rest the settings on your phone, all that you need to do is to Sync the progress, which will in return make it compatible with the games in Google Play Games app.

The other advantage of this app is its ability to stream a pool, which will then allow you to share your gameplay with fellow players. With a front-facing camera, you can be able to take a photo and even share it with fellow players or friends.


In the recent past, there has been a huge increase in the number of gamblers playing on online gaming platforms.

With your smartphone, you can be able to access a lot of online casinos games from anywhere around the world.

Online casinos continuously upgrade their websites in order to remain relevant, while providing gamers with better gaming experience (visit Deluxe Casino Bonus).

Since mobile gaming is one of the most favoured modes of betting, make sure to use the above tips to enhance your mobile gaming experience!