Why Spectrum Silver Has the Best Internet Package for Gamers

Gamers know the struggle of finding a good, high-speed internet connection. One that doesn’t lag in the middle of a game or has a slow buffering speed. Let’s face it, it really is frustrating when the internet says connected but doesn’t act like it.

To be fair, a lot of Internet Providers must have great speeds and download capacity, but Spectrum takes the cake. And here’s why.

Why Choose Spectrum Silver?

Spectrum Silver is one of the most sought-after categories of packages from among those provided by Charter Spectrum. Spectrum in general is one of the popular providers in the country, bringing its customers a whole lot of plans and bundles while catering to every niche, including separate packages for the Spanish-speaking population – and at very reasonable prices.

Spectrum Silver packages include all 3 of their services: Internet, TV, and Phone service, and some with only a selection of the 3. The greatest thing about every Spectrum Silver packagew is that there are zero installation costs! That’s right, with Spectrum Silver you won’t have to worry about any installation fees for professional assistance at home.

With the package, customers also have the option of a money-back guarantee, should they cancel their subscription within 30 days of installing. It wouldn’t be too hard to decide whether it is suitable for your gaming needs by then or not, right?

Spectrum Silver Internet Perfect for Gaming

All Spectrum Internet packages start at a download speed of 200Mbps. This includes all Spectrum Silver packages as well.

What’s more, Spectrum is one of the only few Internet Service Providers that have virtually no restrictions on data consumption. It means unlimited data in simpler words. So surf the web, or use your gaming console all day long, you won’t have to worry about utilizing the set data capacity because Spectrum’s data cap is virtually unbreachable! Every person in the household can use the internet as they please without causing disruptions for the next person.

Another reason why Spectrum Silver packages in specific are great for gamers is that regardless of a very high data allowance, these packages include great Spectrum TV service for your family to enjoy over 175 channels with the most popular and international networks, and a library of On Demand titles too. And all of that can be viewed on the Spectrum TV app. So if you need to occupy the smart TV in the lounge for an intense game of League of Legends, don’t worry because your family can easily watch TV straight from their phones, tablets and laptops. It helps keep everyone busy!

Final Thoughts

Spectrum Silver packages are quite fair to every user, offering a multitude of services in each package that somehow suits everyone. As for gamers, Spectrum Internet is what they dream about and is the answer to their prayers – no data caps meaning hours of gaming tournaments ahead!