What makes FIFA so accessible in the world?

EA Sports, name of a gaming giant that changed the lives of almost every youngster. In 1993, EA Sports released a game, created history and started a new era of gaming. FIFA changed the lives of all the gamers, and still, it is affecting thousands of lives. In the start, many people criticized it, but the massive positive response changed the perception of all those people.

In 25 years, FIFA sold out more than 260 million copies and came up with amazing new features. However, how did it become so popular?

How FIFA Got Popular?

Firstly, the concept of FIFA is based on the most surprising sports football. However, after the release of FIFA, all football fans went crazy for it. Second, all the fantastic and popular players are in it. If we take EA’s UFC game as an example, it is well developed as FIFA, but it came after a long that is the reason it is less successful. Football fan + gamer is the perfect target audience for FIFA. It is the reason they prefer FIFA. Third, it was the first ever-good graphics plus excellent features football game. In the start, FIFA had no competitors; it was evident that people would go for FIFA because it was the only best choice for them.

How FIFA Still Popular?

Most businesses go down because they do not get up to date according to the changing environment. However, FIFA took this thing seriously, and in 2005, they released a new version of FIFA with advanced graphics, code rewritten in trending languages and a brand new engine. Pro Evolution Soccer was the biggest competitor of FIFA until 2005. Onwards, 2005 PES did not even come near to FIFA. FIFA do not let any competitor near it because it has multiple strategies in mind to take them out of the league.

Reality into game

In the start, football games like FIFA, PES, etc., were using similar club names player names of the real world. However, hardcore gamers consider this virtual game as reality. Most gamers want to be in a situation like real football players. FIFA was the one who captured this desire.

Before 2015, FIFA took a big step and secured all the rights of using all the 20 Premier League stadiums in their game. People like it a lot and FIFA decided to take it to the next level. So, this team came up with the same clubs and the same players. The virtual players were precisely like the real ones. This update is considered as one of the most significant evolution in the history of gaming.

Create Your Ultimate Team

To keep FIFA more exciting and popular FIFA introduced a multiplayer mode like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike type of game. FIFA named it as Ultimate Team mode; people were so crazy for this mode that it created the most significant revenue EA sports. The most addictive part was the coin currency and card packs of the game. In each card, packages there were different players with different tier level. To get hands on those card packs, players have to use FUV coins. Now, the concept of in-game purchases come. It was the reason EA sports generated the most significant revenue of all time. To get hands to those FUV coins players have to spend real money, or they have to complete challenges. Completing challenges consumes good time; however; the shortcut was to buy them.

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Conclusion of FIFA

Nobody can stay alone the same like that one feature cannot become part of FIFA’s success. Many features and updates are the success reason for FIFA. The main component of success is that FIFA kept itself up to date according to the changing environment. It did not let itself at the same point in future FIFA will come with new and amazing features, which will astonish the world again.