The +15 Mythic Key in Shadowlands: What to Do if You Can’t Beat it

Mythic 15 key awards you with incredibly generous gifts that can be found in Shadowlands. You receive the highest rewards from the end of the dungeon chest, which includes the gear of 210 item level. And the Great Vault offers you 226 item level gear whenever you need it. Although it lures players from around the world, getting 15 mythic boost is not that easy as it may seem.

Reasons You Failed

Experienced WoW players will tell you at once that your skills in gaining +15 keystone come to second place. Group communication is important but can’t promise you 100 percent protection against  failure. The most common mistake, constantly repeated by hundreds of players is the lack of knowledge about dungeons they attend. While dungeons are in the spotlight in Shadowlands, many people still believe they can enter the new areas and instantly succeed. Surely, that’s not what happens.

The +15 key is no joke in any season. Many players find the new season less difficult, with the new threshold for M+ gear. Once you decide to complete the quest, you have to keep in mind that many teams already got their +15 key without the help of professional boosters. If you can’t do the work, better hand it to someone else.

The main issues that you have to fix in advance:

  • Unexplored dungeons. You don’t have to give up just because you have never been in the dungeon before. However, the best option is to explore everything beforehand;
  • Team trouble. The lack of communication or that of general strategy may lead you to failure. You need to discuss everything before you act. If you can’t agree on important things, you might as well think about another team;
  • Lack of skill. This happens often: if there is one player with a low level of skills in your team, it is ok, but what if all of you have the same problem?;
  • Unexpected challenges on your way. Self-assurance played tricks on many experienced players. Once you turn around, you get killed;
  • Lack of supplies you need during the game. It may not seem important before you go to the dungeon. After that, you lack flasks to go further and succeed;
  • Lack of experienced healers and tanks in some dungeons. Some healers feel too much pressure when they become key players for multiple quests and can’t deal with all of them.

Helpful Tips for Players

If you still want to go there and gain a +15 key, you have to make a plan. Never come to the battle unprepared as it may be your last one. Here are few things you have to always keep in mind:

  • Buff food is a must-have. Keep in mind that conjured mana buns, fish feast, and darkmoon feast may restore your health on 10 percent every 10 seconds of eating. After more than 20 seconds of eating mana buns, your health will be restored completely. Wherever you go, pay attention that you need pots, flasks, water, and drums if no one in your team has primal rage;
  • Take repair tools with you. You may need Jeeves and auto-hammer;
  • Learn everything about your own class and its abilities. Don’t hesitate to spend some time on reading guides. You may sign up for the class Discord and read the pins with valuable information. Find out which of your talents works best with a specific affix. It will be beneficial for the whole team if you learn in advance how to sim the gear. Pay attention! You can’t sim healers;
  • Learn all you need to know about dungeons and beyond. You have to be familiar with the road. Memorize the WM doors and boss order. Learn your enemies too, and find out about their abilities which you can and can’t fight;
  • Support your healer. If the healer needs more time, try to give it to them as much as possible. Avoid the damage that is not unnecessary. You also have to know when you can use the health pots and cds.

Become a Legend

Mythic+ is not the place for beginners who know nothing about WoW. Once you are in the Shadowlands and your goal is to beat 15 key, do your best to prepare for the tough challenges. If you are a leader of the team, make a plan in advance. Explore the dungeons before you take others with you. Learn all the doors and bosses that you can meet on your way. It is better to spend the time on learning, for example, you can read reviews by other players who already passed these dungeons than enter them blind.