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How to Hit Solid Iron Shots in While Golfing

The iron game is a critical aspect of golfing and links the driver and the putter. To dominate in the game, you must learn how to use your irons rightly. Otherwise, you may never reach your golfing potential. Luckily, there are various ideas that you can employ to use your irons rightly and hit solid shots while playing.

 Check out tips to guide you:

  1. Understand how irons work

Know how irons work and how to reap from the design. All irons have varying lofts, and most players don’t realize that trying to help the ball in the air isn’t useful. The reason? Striking the ball with a descending blow results in a higher golf iron swing. And this is because it spins it’s face making it soar higher.

For higher iron shots, grip the iron firmly and bend your knees through the swing. Turn your hips and coil your body for more power. Also, maintain a parallel position between the club’s shaft and your shoulders.

  1. Evaluate your setup

Before you swing the irons, maintain the right setup. This involves keeping the right posture and grip. Most golfers spend time planning their shots, but doing this without a proper posture won’t yield much. Take time and learn how to use your irons; who knows, you may end up liking them!

  1. Maintain the right ball position

Have the ball in the right position and focus on the position of the ball in your stance. Sounds simple? Not really! Most golfers don’t know about this! For the long irons, have them towards the lead foot and the wedges near the trailing foot.

Place the middle, irons towards the middle, and maintain an even level between the driver and your left heel. This way, you’ll be able to move the ball as per each iron. Also, place the 9 iron in the middle of the stance.

  1. Shift your weight

Once you get at the top of your backswing, try to have your left arm completely straight. Also, while swinging the irons, shift your weight. This is not a slide but a turning action. It’s also a crucial element of your swing. By making the right impact, you stack your leg and arm over your ball, thus opening your hips. Continue with the downswing and don’t slow down, and maintain the same force.

  1. Focus on your tempo

All clubs expect you to focus on your tempo. This is also crucial with the irons since most irons are made of steel shafts to hit harder. However, the best tip is to swing smoothly while keeping your head on the ball. If you get stuck in the rough, hinge your wrists back immediately once you start your takeaway. This allows your wrist to cock instantly, swing steeply, and come out.

The bottom line

With more practice, you become better at your play. Keep playing and learn from other seasoned players. With time you’ll master your irons and be able to make more solid shots. Consider the tips mentioned above and watch yourself become a better golfer.