FIFA 20 release date

EA Sports, who is one of the most popular games publishers, is going to introduce a new game of FIFA series. From 1993 up till now, we have seen a new release each year of the EA Sports FIFA series.

EA Sports has brought a lot of improvement in the game, and each year they try to add something new to the game. FIFA 20 is going to release on 27th of September in 2019 on Xbox, Playstation and Windows platforms.

Fans from all over the globe are very much excited about this release. FIFA 20 is the 27th release of this series, and there are not any chances that this thing is going to stop in the future.

We may see some more and more from the FIFA gaming series in the future. But in this FIFA article, we are only going to discuss the FIFA 20 game.


The gameplay of FIFA 20 focus on a new addition known as the VOLTA football. This mode focus on all the street football event and matches. VOLTA football surely represents the street footballer by shown all the factor that you may encounter while playing street football.

The mode includes various options that a player can choose to play. You can play a 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 matches, and even the player has the option to play with official futsal rules.

The VOLTA football is among the best thing to add in FIFA 20 that adds a new taste in the game. It will be more of an independent play game rather than playing as a team.

I believe that this was the thing that was missing in the FIFA 19, but EA Sports don’t miss it this time. In this mode, the player will be allowed to customize a lot of things. The player can select the player gender, customize player’s clothes, tattoos, shoes and a lot more.

Player will also be able to have a story mode in the VOLTA mode. The 11v11 player Modes will also face some changes to make the game much better. You might see a new free-kick and penalty mechanics.


Just like the previous edition of the FIFA series, FIFA 20 is also available for Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 platform. So whether you are PC, PS4, or some other platforms user, you will be able to enjoy every second of the game on your platforms.

Another thing is that either you play on Xbox or some other compatible hardware device, this game offers the same experience on all the devices, so it’s a great thing.

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Cover Star

In this year FIFA 20, you might be able to see Edem Harvard who is attacking midfielder of Real Madrid, as a cover start of the game. While for some other mode of the FIFA 20 game, we might see various other names as the cover star.

There are many chances that the defender of Liverpool named as Virgil can Dijk will be the cover star of the Champions Edition while the Zinedine Zidane may also be seen as the cover start of Ultimate Edition of the game. But to confirm this news, we have to wait for the official release.

Anything new?

There are many latest news revolving about FIFA 20. The first big thing is the addition of VOLTA football and fans are surely going to love it. Rather than focusing on a traditional 11v11 match, FIFA 20 has focused more on small street events.

Another big news is coming out that the Juventus might not be the part of FIFA 20 game. Juventus has signed a partnership deal with another popular game named as the PES 2020, so you may not see Juventus team in FIFA 20.

However, PES 2020 player will be able to play with this team. The Juventus team will be present in the game with the name of Piemonte Calcio. So we might also see a new kit for the team designed by the EA Sports designers.

Furthermore, more than 700+ teams will be part of the FIFA 20 game so you will have the option to select your favorite team and lift a trophy with them.