Experience The Games And Singapore Sports History With Sports Hub Tour!

Singapore sports hub is a complete world reflecting every event and tournament conducted and hosted on the country’s grounds. It provides an open visiting opportunity for anyone to enjoy and explore more of the country’s game world. A complete day also falls short as the vast expanse has a bounty of exhibits to see, museums to immerse in and limitless fun activities to keep the enthusiasts hooked. Planning a visit to the sports hub, one can have a rough idea of the best enjoyable opportunities available to enjoy and get the most of it.

Get Complete Fitness Guidance

Sports and games have a major role in improving fitness. Sports hub provides the trainers and guidance to the required clients for a fit lifestyle and routine.

  • Fitness enthusiasts can join the community and play along with their peers.
  • Experiencing sessions with expert coaches and high-grade equipment in different games like basketball, netball or gym sessions. In addition, swimming pools for aquatic games and diving are available for varying depths.
  • Distant and interested people can continue the fitness programme through virtual sessions and daily planned workouts. In addition, people can register for boot camps, dance and yoga classes or counselling.

A Glimpse Of The Past

Tired of roaming and playing? No wonder sports hub takes care of having a break in between. The explicit collection of museums and souvenirs gather the best of Singapore sports history.

  • Visitors can spend time in the library where the journals and magazines with the latest news and blogs are to be found. In addition, books and guides written by players and coaches are available to read and purchase.
  • People can engage in real stadium trips and guided visits all around the sports hub.
  • Several games like cycling have special zones to highlight the evolving designs and different equipment used throughout.

Enjoy The Games In Leisure

The tour programme is no boring when everyone can enjoy community sports along with the tour.

  • Kids Games- Both outdoor and indoor, kids can play the virtual and physical games of their choice. Team games are played with realistic experience as per the choice.
  • Climb Central- Trekking and mountaineering without mountains? Sports hub provides climbing central to showcase the dynamic skills and super enthusiasm to scale to the crest.
  • Aqua World- Apart from fitness, pools are dedicated to relaxing, swimming or playing with peers. Ball games or diving are greatly enjoyed with suitable equipment. The outdoor pools also have water slides.

Visitors can have an elaborate time enjoying and learning all about the country’s sports domain in a single place.