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5 Tips for Beginners When Playing Star Wars Video Games

Combat in Star Wars takes hints from the FromSoftware’s masterpiece. One such hint is that most enemies have unblockable and blockable attacks, which you should deal with in various ways. Blockable attacks might be deflected and dodged. Of all the defensive abilities, the most important yet difficult to master is deflect. This is because it deals with stamina damages. As such, you need to deflect as much as you could so as to shorten the combat.

On the other hand, unblockable attacks may neither be deflected nor blocked. The only option you have is to dodge the attacks by backing, sidestepping, or rolling. Unblockable attacks are telegraphed, so you may know whether the attack is blockable or not. If it is your first time playing video games, here are tips you can use :

  1. Keep Moving

It is tempting to slow down or stop so as to line up your shots and damage the station or ship of an enemy. Slowing down or stopping can make you an easy target.

Rather than doing that, keep moving, turning, and weaving in order to avoid laser fire. If you must slow down, be sure to get a clear shot off, avoid sticking around for long, and get back to moving faster.

  1. Go to Dathomir Early

Once you complete Borgano, you can choose between two different planets: Dathomir or Zeffo. Basically, Zeffo is the next area to navigate, whereas part of Dathomir can still be cut off when you explore it first.

Littered with unforgiving checkpoints and tough enemies, going early to Dathomir might net you a significant kylo ren lightsaber upgrade. This will enable you to deal with enemies on Dathomir easily.

  1. Unlock Characters

As you choose which battles to concentrate on and character shards to collect, know the everyday challenges that restrict you to a particular class type.

For you to finish these challenges, you might want at least five characters from three major classes, including tank, attacker, and support/healer, so as to enter the match with a full party. In addition to that, using various classes might lead to a more balanced team; thus, it’s in your best interest to establish a well-round lineup.

  1. Finish the Single-Player Campaign

While you may jump right into multiplayer action immediately after finishing a short prologue mission, you should finish the single-player campaign first.

This will teach you all the basic steps of flying and combat while perfecting your skills.

  1. Play Smartly

Star Wars games don’t take too kindly to individuals who like to mash that attack button. This is because spamming Square/B might leave you completely susceptible to enemy attacks.

Although it might take a little longer to master combat controls, it is recommendable that you learn how to evade enemy attacks and practice blocking skills. Parrying can make combat enjoyable and enable you to handle larger amounts of damage.

Final Remarks!

Star Wars are open video games with the freedom to unlock abilities and gear in different orders.

For that reason, some of these tried-and-tested tips can save you more time and prevent you from heading off in directions, which may not be a great option in a particular situation.