Is it Legal to Participate In Online Poker Game In India?

We are now living in the internet age and the connectivity in India has also drastically improved from the situation that was a decade back.  Now almost everyone use mobile phones and a considerable number of people have smartphones in their hands too.

Therefore, people of India can also easily participate in online casinos available outside India. Also, all foreign casino sites are accepting Indian participants.

As a result, many Indian online casino sites have appeared online.  Now, PokerBaazi offers you to play online poker India, where you can participate in the popular game of poker just using your smartphone or any other console by simply using an internet connection.

However, the central law in India still prohibits any gambling game as per the Public Gambling Act. Though most of the states in India have adopted the same colonial rule, a few have however enacted their own.

In most of the states, both state laws, as well as the central statute generally exclude the “games of skill”, which are categorised as a kind of “gambling” act. However, under these laws, a “game of skill’ does not have any clear definition.

This has generated a lot of confusion till finally, the Court in Andhra Pradesh State in a certain case has classified the Rummy game as a skill-based game. No other games are defined under this category.

Again, a judgment given by the Madras High Court has stirred the pot by concluding that if any “game of skill” is organised for earning profit then still it will be considered as an act of “gambling”.

Since the appeal from this verdict was withdrawn in the Supreme Court before any decision could be taken, the legality still remains inconclusive as far as making a profit from such activities is concerned.

The decision regarding the legality of these games still remains a state subject and the central government does not want to interfere in this.  All states are now free to decide whether they will allow these games to be played online or not.

If you look at it in a real sense, then the status of Public Gaming Law exists only on paper, and it is for each state to decide what they want and a few parties are still fighting this out in their respective courts, which shows that this law does matter.

Do you want to play online poker?

If you are still a novice in a poker game then you must learn how to play poker online before participating in any online gaming site.

A poker game is played by using the 52 cards that are divided equally into four different categories. The players on the poker table will be dealt hole cards and they have to form a best-hand based on the hand ranking rules.

There are several hand types available in a poker game, and each hand has got a certain pre-defined ranking. If you want to win any round of this game then you must have the hand with the highest-ranked cards.