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Casino Games with the Best Odds

Are you looking to give yourself the best chance of winning at the casino? While you should always enjoy the thrill of the game itself, it is smart to want to increase your chances of success.

If you are unsure how to locate casino games with the best odds, read on as we point you in the right direction.

How do Casino Odds Work?

Before we get into which games offer the best chances of success, it is important to understand how casino odds work. Casino games will always come with a house edge. This means that there is a small percentage advantage to the casino when you play one of their games.

The reason for this is simple: the casino is a business and needs to make money. However, this is not a reason to throw in the towel from the outset. This edge takes effect over the course of millions of bets from different players. You as an individual still have a decent chance of winning as you play.

The house edge is often something like 5%, this is the percentage of all wagered money that the casino keeps as profit. This edge is built into the mechanics of the games, meaning the outcomes of games remain random whilst operating within the casino edge.

Games with Low House Edge

The house edge varies across different casino games due to the fact it is engrained within the mechanics of the game. There are therefore some games you can go into knowing you have a chance of winning closer to 50/50. It can be dispiriting to know that the house has a big advantage, but you always have a shout of striking lucky!

#1 Roulette

The house edge in roulette is usually 2.5%. Although you feel like you are betting on 50/50 outcomes like red or black, the green zero space is what gives the house the edge. The payouts are done as if you have won a 50/50 bet, when actually your chances of winning were lower due to that extra space.

You still have decent odds of winning, but this is important to consider. In American Roulette, there are actually two 0 spaces instead of one like in European Roulette. This increases the house edge to 5.26% and subsequently gives you worse odds.

#2 Blackjack

The average Blackjack house edge is 1.5%. Of course, the odds of winning on each hand vary depending on the cards in play, but overall, the game gives you a decent chance of winning.

One of the most important things with blackjack is strategy. Following some solid basic strategy is how you reduce the house edge to this low percentage. If you play in a riskier fashion, you may win the odd lucky hand but in the long run you are actually worsening your odds and playing into the casino’s hands.

Last Thoughts on Casino Odds

In addition to roulette and blackjack, there are other casino games which offer good odds in addition to some which give you a very low chance of success. The important thing to remember is that odds become more important the more you play the game. After all, everyone fancies a flutter on an outside chance once in a while. Good luck!