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What is Levelling Service

Levelling service is a fast, easy and secure way to boost your character with zero effort. Epiccarry team members have one huge advantage in comparison with other similar services – huge experience. So ordering a levelling service for WoW Classic you get not just a set of options, but a lot of benefits.

Key Features and Options

The boost you get depends on the chosen options, as well as the time it takes. We would like to point out that all the terms start working as soon as our agent manages to log into your account for the first time. Ordering a character boost with Epiccarry you get a full set of services:

  •   Apprentice Riding Skill. A rare mount and 60% riding skill comes along with 1-60 boost for free within 2-4 weeks.
  •  Journeyman Riding Skill. Please note that we start working on this point as soon as the previous one is fulfilled. It takes up to 5 weeks in addition to the previous 2-4 weeks tine gap
  •  Dungeons Full Gear. No worries, we will not leave you all alone in your old grey armor, no way. You will get a set of rare items for your class and spec. As a rule, it takes to 5 weeks to close this order.
  •  Add gathering profession. We will do all the boring part for you and upgrade it to 300. What can be more boring than levelling one of the gathering professions? Levelling a crafting one, you might say. But we will cope with it as well and level it up to 300. So you will be ready to start your hero journey.

By the way, if you want to have more professions leveled, have a look at the service we have just in case.

Deadlines and Time Frames

While life in the World of Warcraft might be even called stable, in our word some unexpected issues may occur. That is why time frames and deadlines for the orders in some cases may be postponed. The so-called “force majeure list” includes the server’s fall or being down for some substantial period of time, big queue to log in. Also if the customer postpones providing us with the required log in data, the deadline can be shifted as well.


Epiccarry provides the levelling boost and other services for WoW Classic for around 8 years, so we have made a short list of the most frequently asked questions. Please see them below and feel free to contact the official website for more details if needed

How much does the boost take?

While describing the services we mention some time frames just for you to be aware of what to expect. However, they all begin only when our agent logs into your account for the first time and can start working.

What about the additional options?

When you add some options the time frame extends as well as fa we need time to fulfill your order. Please keep in mind that the additional options are processed only after the main body is closed(as soon as the character reaches lvl 60, as in initial order)

Do I have to provide you with additional gold?

No, the booster will generate gold while processing your order. This gold will be used to cover travelling, food costs and learning. So no additional gold from the customer’s side is needed.

What is required from my side?

We expect your cooperation to make the boosting process as plentiful, as possible. We will also need your account information and assistance with authentication as soon as our employee logs in and starts working on your order.