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Top Five Sudoku Free Apps for Android

Weekends and holidays can be long and boring, mainly if you cannot attend, and funds are scarce. Sudoku puzzles have been around for over 100 years and continue to be a popular entertainment and relaxation source for millions of people worldwide.

You may recognize the game from newspapers, but did you know you can also play from your android phone? Whether you wish to keep your mind sharp or you are merely looking for a fun pass time activity, there is something for everyone in today’s extensive collection of Sudoku free apps.

Andoku Sudoku 3

If you are a beginner, then Andoku Sudoku 3 is the app for you. It comes with step by step tutorials that equip you with various problem-solving techniques based on the specific game situation. Besides, the game has a simple design and a user-friendly interface.

You do not require an internet connection to play the six variations of Sudoku offered by the app. Besides, Andoku Sudoku offers 20,000+ puzzles distributed over its nine levels of difficulty. Auto-save and automatic error checking features make the app’s play easier. The endless ads may be irritating unless you upgrade to a pro version.


  • More than 20,000 puzzles
  • Six Sudoku variations
  • Nine levels of difficulty
  • Unlimited redo and undo functions
  • Pencil mark compatibility 

With six Sudoku variations, 10,000+ puzzles, and eight levels of difficulty, you are unlikely to seek printed puzzles ever again. Select the level you wish, and play away. Notably, the lower levels are not challenging and only seek to challenge your mind compared to higher levels that give your brain a real workout.

The gameplay is made easier thanks to some of the app’s features such as hints, auto-save, auto-check, and pencil mark compatibility. You may decide to put these features into use or do without them, the way you want to crack Sudoku – it is totally up to you!


  • Six Sudoku variations
  • 10,000+ puzzles
  • Eight levels of difficulty
  • Highlights duplicates
  • Daily challenges

Super Sudoku 

Here is a relatively new Sudoku free app with smooth functionality and some decent features. The app functions offline, though you will require an internet connection to make any changes to your settings.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the app’s wide range of color themes, making it possible to customize it based on your preference. Though not the best, the app’s user interface is above average, making it quite a hustle to hit on the numbers occasionally.

The game does not have a paid version, and therefore you will have to bear with the hundreds of ads that pop up.


  • Functions offline
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Customization features
  • Player statistics

Sudoku (Full Version)

Most people consider this the best Sudoku app, probably because you will never wish to play a paper puzzle again with this app. Sudoku (Full Version) boasts of an intuitive interface with plenty of exciting features and functions. There are four levels of difficulty, depending on one’s expertise.

If you experience an interruption while playing, your progress is saved automatically. You pick up right where you left when you get back. Other features that help the app stand out from others to include undo and redo, helpful hints, and specific digits and pencil marks.


  • Three input methods
  • Offers hints
  • Four levels of difficulty
  • Real-time competitions
  • Keeps a record of your scores, errors, and progress is one of the most popular Sudoku versions for Android. The game offers four difficulty levels and an extensive collection of puzzles. Plus, the app’s unlimited redo and undo features, hint, and progress tracker system makes gameplay on the app a lot easier.

Unfortunately, its user interface is slicker than most of the other apps. That, combined with its small numbers, can be quite annoying. The free version downloaded from Google Play Pass comes with no advertisement. Other download options will have to bear with the ads or upgrade to the premium version.


  • Four levels of difficulty
  • Enormous selection of puzzles
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • Unlimited undo and redo

Al Factury Sudoku 

Add a little glamor to your Sudoku time by downloading the Al Factury Sudoku app. Just like most Sudoku apps, it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface, hence perfect for beginners. Over 1,500 Sudoku puzzles are distributed over five levels of difficulty; thus, you should be worried about staying idle having run out of puzzles.

Both versions of the app offer similar functionality, only that with the free version, you will have to contend with the constant pop-up ads. Features such as completion percentage and stat tracking to track your progress have been included.


  • Five difficulty levels
  • 1,500+ Sudoku puzzles
  • Completion Percentage feature
  • Aesthetic app

Enjoy Sudoku 

Here is one of the oldest apps in the book. Though it does not seem like much, it offers 17 levels of difficulty, unheard of even with later apps. Even with its simplicity, it is safe to conclude it is genuinely one of the best apps.

If you do not wish to manually solve the daily newspaper Sudoku, use the app to scan it and solve the puzzle from your phone. Even better, the app has a hint and solver system to help you when you get stuck. Enhance your Sudoku skills using the tutorials offered by the app. The best part is that you get to learn advanced techniques such as coloring, X-Wing, and sashimi fish. There has not been an update of the app since 2015, and thus, may not function flawlessly with newer Android versions.


  • One of the older apps
  • 17 levels of difficulty
  • Can scan your local newspaper Sudoku
  • Hint and solver system


Sudoku is one of the best brain teaser games that keeps you hooked for hours on end. In the past, Sudoku fanatics had to contend with playing in newspapers or printed Sudoku books. However, the trend has changed, and people are playing from their android devices. There are dozens of Sudoku apps on Google Play, making it a challenge to select one. We hope this article will draw you closer to choosing the best app for yourself.