20 Fun and Affordable Things to Do This Weekend

Is the weekend approaching? Are you thinking of fun and pocket-friendly plans to fire up your weekend? If yes, you are in the right place. This article contains a curated list of 20 fun and affordable things that you can do this weekend.

1.   Go on a Hike

Most areas comprise hikes in varying lengths within the city limits or even a few miles away from the main town. You can choose from the shorter/ more level hikes or head to the mountains, too. Keep in mind that going to the mountains might take time and could most probably be an all-day affair. Therefore, do not forget to carry a good sunblock, a hat, water bottles, and, most importantly, a pair of good shoes.

2.   Bike Ride

With several bike rental options on the rise; you can pick a bike that you fancy and go on a ride. Check out some routes around the city and decide on one. Map it out and figure the distance. Remember to take an extra bottle of water with you along with a helmet. This activity can be great fun for kids, too.

3.   Get Started on a Fun, New Weekend Crafting Experience

Is there an old dresser in your room? Are you bored of its looks? Time to spruce it up! Get some stationery supplies, sandpaper, polyurethane, and wood stain. You can give that dresser a brand-new appearance.

4.   Go for a Wine Tasting Session

Choose a bar in your locality and head to taste their finest selection Alternatively, you could also visit the nearest winery to sample their wines while taking a walk in the vineyards.

5.   Attend an Art Opening

Check for local or national art opening events on Google or head straight to your favorite artist’s gallery. Walk around the exhibition, and admire and discuss the beautiful artworks.

6.   Visit the Local Museum

You can check out the openings at your local museum, as most of them arrange for special sessions when they receive fresh and new collections.

7.   Picnics are a Great Idea.

Find yourself a cozy spot in the local park or recreation area. Take food and games like frisbee, soccer, and volleyball for a day of fun. You can also hike for a short distance or choose a serene area to enjoy reading your favorite book.

8.   Karaoke Bars

Singing your favorite songs and enjoying good food with your friends- this is definitely my favorite idea on this list!

9.   Get Started on Sports Betting

Sports betting is a famous, fun, and easy activity. You can chill at your house, watch your favorite matches and bet on them. If you are a newbie, you can take help from websites like that share genuine tips and information and offer great deals (see their latest Bet365 sign up and register offers).

Read a Book and Then See the Movie

Books like Harry Potter and The Help are a good place to start with. You can visualize everything in a way that is consistent with the author. A lot of times, due to budgetary or time constraints, many things are left out of the movies. You can potentially understand the movies better in such cases.

10.                  Visit a Tea House

Instead of going to the coffee house, change it up, and visit a tea cafe. Sample different teas and try out unusual herbs. It is going to be super fun!

12. Listen to Music at a Local Pub

Many bars and pubs in the city feature regional artists throughout the week. They might be the next big thing.  Go to one of the pubs and listen to a band you have never heard before.

11.                  Run a 5 km

Planning to get in shape? You can run a 5 km. Did you know that you could also participate in a marathon to support a charity? Bring your friends along, have fun, and get fit together.

12.                  Go on an Art Walk

In case there is an art district in your area, you can visit it. You can find many artist studios in action, and also purchase some of your favorite art pieces right away.

13.                  Visit the Animal Shelter

Do you love animals? You can hit the nearest local animal shelter and walk a canine friend around. It is not only good for your new friend, but also a calming activity for you.

16. Go Consignment Shopping

Have you ever tried this? If you haven’t, you’ve missed out on some good fun. You are most likely to find treasures at consignment shops. You can get nice clothes for your wardrobe by paying almost a fraction of their original cost.

17. Shop Garage Sales

This could be an amazing opportunity to get hold of great furniture, household items, and stylish clothing at affordable prices.

18. Head to Farmers Market

You can meet local farmers and learn from where your food arrives. It can be a real and knowledgeable experience.

19. Attend a Poetry Reading at the Local Bookstore.

Did you know that you could participate in poetry readings? Not just that, you might also get to visit authors and read an excerpt from their most recent works.

20. Go See a Play at the Local College.

Professional actors and students put up theatrical performances all the time. Check them out on a matinee show, and enjoy an evening well spent!

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